Silhouette (Single)

by Octopi

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released May 3, 2011

Grabado y mezclado por Andy Valverde
Masterizado en Abbey Road Studios




Octopi Costa Rica

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Track Name: Octopi - Silhouette
Sun in my face
My heart is lost in an empty space
Think I should run but I don't even want to try
'cause the beauty is hidden way beneath your eyes

It's this feeling I get
When I see your silhouette
Just want to light it up take a smoke and start to pretend
That I want to kiss your face
From your heart take a little taste
Stoned sick smile takes me a mile away from regret

I move from place to place
Between your legs I find grace
Happiness misplaced
When the soul is lost there's no way out
no way out of this maze


You know that I'm not strong enough
To bring myself to stop
A game where no one
Where no one ever wins
I've never been a wise man
I've never done the best I can
So stay away
Stay away or you'll never be safe